Friday, 28th.

Yes, study comes hard to you, my dear Enrico, as your mother says: —
是的,学习对你来说确实很困难,亲爱的恩里科,就像你妈妈说的: —

I do not yet see you set out for school with that resolute mind and that smiling face which I should like. —
我还没有看到你带着那坚定的心和微笑的面对学校的决心。 —

You are still intractable. But listen; reflect a little! —
你还是固执。但请听着;好好想一想! —

What a miserable, despicable thing your day would be if you did not go to school! —
如果你不去上学,你的一天会是多么悲惨、卑微啊! —

At the end of a week you would beg with clasped hands that you might return there, for you would be eaten up with weariness and shame; —
一周结束后,你会紧握双手请求回到那里,因为你会被疲惫和羞耻吞噬; —

disgusted with your sports and with your existence. Everybody, everybody studies now, my child. —
厌烦你的娱乐和你的生活。现在,孩子,每个人都在学习。 —

Think of the workmen who go to school in the evening after having toiled all the day; —
想想那些一整天辛苦劳作后晚上还去学校的工人们; —

think of the women, of the girls of the people, who go to school on Sunday, after having worked all the week; —
想想那些整周辛勤工作后周日还去学校的妇女、姑娘们; —

of the soldiers who turn to their books and copy-books when they return exhausted from their drill! —
想想那些从 drill(操纵)中疲惫地回来后,拿起书本和作业本的士兵们! —

Think of the dumb and of the boys who are blind, but who study, nevertheless; —
想想那些不会说话的人和盲童,但他们仍然在学习; —

and last of all, think of the prisoners, who also learn to read and write. —
最后,想想那些囚犯,他们也在学着阅读和写作。 —

Reflect in the morning, when you set out, that at that very moment, in your own city, thirty thousand other[17] boys are going like yourself, to shut themselves up in a room for three hours and study. —
早上在你出发时,请反思一下,在你的城市,就在此刻,有三万个男孩像你一样,去一个房间里关上门学习三个小时。 —

Think of the innumerable boys who, at nearly this precise hour, are going to school in all countries. —
想象着无数男孩在几乎这个确切的时间去各个国家的学校。 —

Behold them with your imagination, going, going, through the lanes of quiet villages; —
用你的想象力看着他们,走,走,穿过宁静村庄的小巷; —

through the streets of the noisy towns, along the shores of rivers and lakes; —
穿过嘈杂的城镇街道,在河流和湖泊的岸边; —

here beneath a burning sun; there amid fogs, in boats, in countries which are intersected with canals; —
在灼热的阳光下;在雾中,在船上,在被运河交织的国家中; —

on horseback on the far-reaching plains; in sledges over the snow; through valleys and over hills; —
骑马在辽阔的平原上;坐雪橇穿越雪地;穿过山谷和山丘; —

across forests and torrents, over the solitary paths of mountains; —
穿过森林和湍急的溪流,在山脉的孤寂路径上; —

alone, in couples, in groups, in long files, all with their books under their arms, clad in a thousand ways, speaking a thousand tongues, from the most remote schools in Russia. —
独自一人,成双成对,成群结队,身上背着书,衣着各异,口中语言各异,来自俄罗斯最偏僻的学校; —

Almost lost in the ice to the furthermost schools of Arabia, shaded by palm-trees, millions and millions, all going to learn the same things, in a hundred varied forms. —
从冰雪覆盖的最远学校到阿拉伯的阳光下,被椰树遮荫,数以百万计,全都在学习同样的东西,以百种形式呈现; —

Imagine this vast, vast throng of boys of a hundred races, this immense movement of which you form a part, and think, if this movement were to cease, humanity would fall back into barbarism; —
想象一下这无数少年人群中来自百个种族的学生,在其中融入的庞大运动,想想如果这个运动停止了,人类将倒退回野蛮时代; —

this movement is the progress, the hope, the glory of the world. —
这个运动就是进步、希望、世界的荣耀; —

Courage, then, little soldier of the immense army. —
因此,不要畏缩,伟大军队的小士兵; —

Your books are your arms, your class is your squadron, the field of battle is the whole earth, and the victory is human civilization. —
你的书是你的武器,你的班级是你的中队,战场是整个地球,而胜利就是人类文明; —

Be not a cowardly soldier, my Enrico.

Thy Father.