November 1st.

Yesterday afternoon I went to the girls’ school building, near ours, to give the story of the boy from Padua to Silvia’s teacher, who wished to read it. —
昨天下午我去了我们附近女校楼,给席尔维亚的老师讲述帕杜亚男孩的故事,她想要读一读。 —

There are seven hundred girls there. Just as I arrived, they began to come out, all greatly rejoiced at the holiday of All Saints and All Souls; —
那里有七百个女孩。就在我到达的时候,她们开始陆续出来,都对诸圣节和亡灵节的假期感到高兴; —

and here is a beautiful thing that I saw: —
这里有一件美丽的事情让我看到: —

Opposite the door of the school, on the other side of the street, stood a very small chimney-sweep, his face entirely black, with his sack and scraper, with one arm resting against the wall, and his head supported on his arm, weeping copiously and sobbing. —
在学校门口的街对面,站着一个非常小的扫烟囱工,他的脸完全被熏黑,手里拿着袋子和刮板,一只胳膊靠在墙上,头搁在胳膊上,大声哭泣。 —

Two or three of the girls of the second grade approached him and said, “What is the matter, that you weep like this? —
二三年级的几个女孩走过去问他:“怎么了,你为什么这么哭?” —

” But he made no reply, and went on crying.

“Come, tell us what is the matter with you and why you are crying,” the girls repeated. —
“来,告诉我们你为什么哭,到底发生了什么事情”,女孩们再次问道。 —

And then he raised his face from his arm,—a baby face,—and said through his tears that he had been to several houses to sweep the chimneys, and had earned thirty[21] soldi, and that he had lost them, that they had slipped through a hole in his pocket,—and he showed the hole,—and he did not dare to return home without the money.

“The master will beat me,” he said, sobbing; —
“师傅会打我的”,他哭着说; —

and again dropped his head upon his arm, like one in despair. —
然后又把头压在胳膊上,看起来绝望。 —

The children stood and stared at him very seriously. —
孩子们站在那里很认真地盯着他。 —

In the meantime, other girls, large and small, poor girls and girls of the upper classes, with their portfolios under their arms, had come up; —
与此同时,其他大大小小的女孩,穷女孩和上层阶级的女孩,都拿着书包走了过来; —

and one large girl, who had a blue feather in her hat, pulled two soldi from her pocket, and said:—

“I have only two soldi; let us make a collection.”

“I have two soldi, also,” said another girl, dressed in red; —
“我也有两个索迪,”另一个穿着红衣的女孩说; —

“we shall certainly find thirty soldi among the whole of us”; —
“我们肯定能在我们所有人中找到三十个索迪”; —

and then they began to call out:—

“Amalia! Luigia! Annina!—A soldo. Who has any soldi? Bring your soldi here!”

Several had soldi to buy flowers or copy-books, and they brought them; —
有几个女孩有钱买花或练习本,她们把他们带来; —

some of the smaller girls gave centesimi; —
一些较小的女孩给了分; —

the one with the blue feather collected all, and counted them in a loud voice:—

“Eight, ten, fifteen!” But more was needed. —
“八,十,十五!”但还需要更多。 —

Then one larger than any of them, who seemed to be an assistant mistress, made her appearance, and gave half a lira; —
然后一个比她们中任何一个都大的女孩出现了,看起来是一位助理老师,她给了半里拉; —

and all made much of her. Five soldi were still lacking.

“The girls of the fourth class are coming; they will have it,” said one girl. —
“四年级的女孩们来了,她们会有,”一个女孩说。 —

The members of the fourth class came, and the soldi showered down. All hurried forward eagerly; —
四年级的学生们来了,索迪像雨点般落下。所有人都急忙走上前去; —

and it was beautiful to see that poor chimney-sweep in the midst of all those many-colored dresses, of all that whirl of feathers, ribbons,[22] and curls. —
看到那个可怜的扫烟囱工人站在那一大群五颜六色的衣服、羽毛、丝带和卷发中间,真是美丽。 —

The thirty soldi were already obtained, and more kept pouring in; —
已经获得了三十个索迪,还有更多不断涌入; —

and the very smallest who had no money made their way among the big girls, and offered their bunches of flowers, for the sake of giving something. —
并且那些没有钱的最小的女孩们穿过大女孩们之间,拿着一束束花,为了能贡献点什么。 —

All at once the portress made her appearance, screaming:—

“The Signora Directress!” The girls made their escape in all directions, like a flock of sparrows; —
“女院长来了!”女孩们四散奔逃,像一群麻雀; —

and then the little chimney-sweep was visible, alone, in the middle of the street, wiping his eyes in perfect content, with his hands full of money, and the button-holes of his jacket, his pockets, his hat, were full of flowers; —
接着,独自一人的小烟囱扫除工出现在街中央,满脸幸福地擦着眼睛,手里满是钱,他的夹克的纽扣眼、口袋和帽子上都插满了花朵; —

and there were even flowers on the ground at his feet.