Friday, 4th.

There had been but two days of vacation, yet it seemed to me as though I had been a long time without seeing Garrone. —
虽然只有两天假期,但我似乎已经很久没有见到加罗内了。 —

The more I know him, the better I like him; —
我越了解他,就越喜欢他; —

and so it is with all the rest, except with the overbearing, who have nothing to say to him, because he does not permit them to exhibit their oppression. —
对于其他人也是如此,除了那些专横的人,他们不和他说话,因为他不允许他们展示压迫。 —

Every time that a big boy raises his hand against a little one, the little one shouts, “Garrone! —
每当一个大男孩对一个小男孩举手时,小男孩就喊“加罗内!” —

” and the big one stops striking him. His father is an engine-driver on the railway; —
大男孩停止打他。他的父亲是铁路上的司机; —

he has begun school late, because he was ill for two years. —
他晚开始上学,因为他病了两年。 —

He is the tallest and the strongest of the class; he lifts a bench with one hand; —
他是班上最高最强壮的;他单手就可以举起一张长凳; —

he is always eating; and he is good. Whatever he is asked for,—a pencil, rubber, paper, or penknife,—he lends or gives it; —
他总是在吃东西;而且他是一个好人。无论要他什么——铅笔,橡皮,纸张,还是小刀——他都会借给或给你; —

and he neither talks nor laughs in school: —
在学校他既不说话也不笑; —

he always sits perfectly motionless on a bench that is too narrow for him, with his spine curved forward, and his big head between his shoulders; —
他总是坐在对于他来说太窄的长凳上,脊柱向前弯曲,大脑袋夹在肩膀之间一动不动; —

and when I look at him, he smiles at me with his eyes half closed, as much as to say, “Well, Enrico, are we friends? —
每当我看着他时,他半闭着眼睛冲着我微笑,好像在说“恩里科,我们是朋友吗? —

” He makes me laugh, because, tall and broad as he is, he has a jacket, trousers, and sleeves which are too small for him, and too short; —
”他让我笑,因为尽管又高又壮,他穿着的夹克,裤子和袖子都太小了,太短了; —

a cap which will not stay on his head; a threadbare cloak; coarse[25] shoes; —
一个帽子戴不住他的头;一件破旧的披风;粗糙的鞋子; —

and a necktie which is always twisted into a cord. Dear Garrone! —
领带总是扭成一根绳子。亲爱的加罗尼! —

it needs but one glance in thy face to inspire love for thee. —
只需一瞥你的脸,就会使人对你产生爱意。 —

All the little boys would like to be near his bench. He knows arithmetic well. —
所有小男孩都想靠近他的长凳。他擅长算术。 —

He carries his books bound together with a strap of red leather. —
他用一根红色皮带把书捆在一起。 —

He has a knife, with a mother-of-pearl handle, which he found in the field for military manœ —
他有一把刀,刀柄上镶嵌着珍珠母贝,他是去年在军人作品领域找到的,有一天他把手指割到了骨头。 —

uvres, last year, and one day he cut his finger to the bone; —
。 —

but no one in school envies him it, and no one breathes a word about it at home, for fear of alarming his parents. —
但是学校里没有人羡慕他,也没有人在家里提起这件事,因为怕惊动他的父母。 —

He lets us say anything to him in jest, and he never takes it ill; —
他允许我们开玩笑说什么都行,从不生气; —

but woe to any one who says to him, “That is not true,” when he affirms a thing: —
但是谁敢对他说“那不是真的”时,他肯定会发怒; —

then fire flashes from his eyes, and he hammers down blows enough to split the bench. —
他眼中闪烁着火焰,狠狠地击打,能把长凳劈开。 —

Saturday morning he gave a soldo to one of the upper first class, who was crying in the middle of the street, because his own had been taken from him, and he could not buy his copy-book. —
上周六早上,他给了一个上一级班级的同学一个硬币,他在街上哭泣,因为自己的钱被人拿走,买不起练习本。 —

For the last three days he has been working over a letter of eight pages, with pen ornaments on the margins, for the saint’s day of his mother, who often comes to get him, and who, like himself, is tall and large and sympathetic. —
过去三天,他一直在写一封八页长的信,边缘还装饰着钢笔,为他母亲的名字日准备的,他的母亲经常来接他,像他一样高大而富有同情心。 —

The master is always glancing at him, and every time that he passes near him he taps him on the neck with his hand, as though he were a good, peaceable young bull. —
老师总是瞥着他,每次经过他身边时都用手拍一拍他的脖子,就像在拍一个温顺的小公牛一样。 —

I am very fond of him. I am happy when I press his big hand, which seems to be the hand of a man, in mine. —
我很喜欢他。握他那巨大的手,就像握住一个男人的手,我感到快乐。 —

I am almost certain that he would risk his life to save that of a comrade; —
我几乎可以确定他会为了拯救同学的生命而冒险; —

that he would allow himself to be killed in his defence, so clearly can I read his eyes; —
他会在保护他人时不惜一切,因为我能清楚地读懂他的眼神; —

and although he always seems to be grumbling with that big voice of his, one feels that it is a voice that comes from a gentle heart.