Monday, 17th.

To-day is the first day of school. These three months of vacation in the country have passed like a dream. —
今天是开学的第一天。这三个月在乡间度过的假期就像是一个梦一样。 —

This morning my mother conducted me to the Baretti schoolhouse to have me enter for the third elementary course: —
今天早上,我妈妈带着我去巴列蒂学校办公室,让我参加第三个小学课程。 —

I was thinking of the country and went unwillingly. All the streets were swarming with boys: —
我正想着乡间,不情愿地跟着去了。所有的街道上都挤满了孩子: —

the two book-shops were thronged with fathers and mothers who were purchasing bags, portfolios, and copy-books, and in front of the school so many people had collected, that the beadle and the policeman found it difficult to keep the entrance disencumbered. —
两家书店前满是购买书包、文件夹和抄写簿的父母,学校门前聚集了这么多人,使得看门人和警察很难维持通行畅顺。 —

Near the door, I felt myself touched on the shoulder: —
在门口附近,我感到有人拍了我的肩膀: —

it was my master of the second class, cheerful, as usual, and with his red hair ruffled, and he said to me:—

“So we are separated forever, Enrico?”

I knew it perfectly well, yet these words pained me. We made our way in with difficulty. —
我完全知道这一点,但这些话还是让我感到痛苦。我们勉强挤进去。 —

Ladies, gentlemen, women of the people, workmen, officials, nuns, servants, all leading boys with one hand, and holding the promotion books in the other, filled the anteroom and the stairs, making such a buzzing, that it seemed as though one were entering a theatre. —
女士们,先生们,平民妇女,工人,官员,修女,仆人,都牵着孩子的一只手,另一只手拿着升学书籍,挤满了前厅和楼梯,发出嘈杂声,仿佛是在进入一个剧院。 —

I beheld again with pleasure that large room on the ground floor, with[2] the doors leading to the seven classes, where I had passed nearly every day for three years. —
我高兴地再次看到了那个一楼的大房间,门通向七个班级,我在这里度过了将近三年的每一天。 —

There was a throng; the teachers were going and coming. —
这里人声鼎沸,老师们忙来忙去。 —

My schoolmistress of the first upper class greeted me from the door of the class-room, and said:—

“Enrico, you are going to the floor above this year. I shall never see you pass by any more! —
“恩里科,你今年要到楼上去了。我再也看不到你路过了! —

” and she gazed sadly at me. The director was surrounded by women in distress because there was no room for their sons, and it struck me that his beard was a little whiter than it had been last year. —
”她悲伤地盯着我。校长被一群为孩子找不到位置而苦恼的母亲包围着,我发现他的胡须比去年略微泛白了些。 —

I found the boys had grown taller and stouter. —
我发现这些男孩都长高了,壮了。 —

On the ground floor, where the divisions had already been made, there were little children of the first and lowest section, who did not want to enter the class-rooms, and who resisted like donkeys: —
在已经分班的一楼,有第一节和最低段的小孩子们,不想进教室,像驴子一样抵抗: —

it was necessary to drag them in by force, and some escaped from the benches; —
必须强行把他们提进去,有些人从长凳上逃脱; —

others, when they saw their parents depart, began to cry, and the parents had to go back and comfort and reprimand them, and the teachers were in despair.

My little brother was placed in the class of Mistress Delcati: —
我的小弟弟被安排在德尔卡蒂女士的班级: —

I was put with Master Perboni, up stairs on the first floor. —
我被分到了楼上一楼的佩尔博尼老师班上。 —

At ten o’clock we were all in our classes: fifty-four of us; —
十点钟时,我们大家都在各自的班级里:我们一共五十四个人; —

only fifteen or sixteen of my companions of the second class, among them, Derossi, the one who always gets the first prize. —
在第二班的十五六个同学中,只有德洛西等几个同学,他们中总是有人获得第一名。 —

The school seemed to me so small and gloomy when I thought of the woods and the mountains where I had passed the summer! —
当我想起在夏天度过的树林和山脉时,学校对我来说显得如此狭小和阴暗! —

I thought again, too, of my master in the second class, who was so good, and who always smiled at us, and was so small that he seemed to be one of us, and I grieved that I should no longer see him there, with his tumbled red hair. —
我又想起了在第二班里那位非常好的班主任,他总是微笑着,看起来和我们一样矮小,他的头发红红的,现在想不再见到他在那里,我感到伤心。 —

Our teacher is tall; he has no beard; his hair is gray and long; —
我们的老师很高;他没有胡须;头发又灰又长; —

and[3] he has a perpendicular wrinkle on his forehead: —
他的额头上有一条垂直的皱纹: —

he has a big voice, and he looks at us fixedly, one after the other, as though he were reading our inmost thoughts; —
他声音洪亮,他凝视着我们,一个又一个地,仿佛能读懂我们内心深处的想法; —

and he never smiles. I said to myself: “This is my first day. There are nine months more. —
而且他从不微笑。我心里想:“这是我的第一天。还有九个月。 —

What toil, what monthly examinations, what fatigue! —
何等辛苦,每月的考试,何等疲惫! —

” I really needed to see my mother when I came out, and I ran to kiss her hand. She said to me:—

“Courage, Enrico! we will study together.” And I returned home content. —
“勇气,恩里科!我们一起学习。” 我高兴地回到了家。 —

But I no longer have my master, with his kind, merry smile, and school does not seem pleasant to me as it did before.