Thursday, 27th.

My schoolmistress has kept her promise which she made, and came to-day just as I was on the point of going out with my mother to carry some linen to a poor woman recommended by the Gazette. —
我的女校长守信用,她承诺的事情做到了,就在我正要和妈妈一起去给一位《公报》推荐的穷人送一些床单时,她就来了。 —

It was a year since I had seen her in our house. We all made a great deal of her. —
一年没见到她来我们家了。我们都对她很重视。 —

She is just the same as ever, a little thing, with a green veil wound about her bonnet, carelessly dressed, and with untidy hair, because she has not time to keep herself nice; —
她还是一如既往,个头不高,头巾上缠着绿色面纱,打扮得很随便,头发也不整齐,因为她没时间打理自己; —

but with a little less[13] color than last year, with some white hairs, and a constant cough. —
只是比去年少了点颜色,有一些白头发,还有持续的咳嗽。 —

My mother said to her:—

“And your health, my dear mistress? You do not take sufficient care of yourself!”

“It does not matter,” the other replied, with her smile, at once cheerful and melancholy.

“You speak too loud,” my mother added; “you exert yourself too much with your boys.”

That is true; her voice is always to be heard; I remember how it was when I went to school to her; —
那是真的;她的声音总是那么响亮;我记得我上她的课时, —

she talked and talked all the time, so that the boys might not divert their attention, and she did not remain seated a moment. —
她一直讲个不停,以免男孩们分心,她一刻也不停下来。 —

I felt quite sure that she would come, because she never forgets her pupils; —
我很确定她会来的,因为她从不会忘记她的学生们; —

she remembers their names for years; on the days of the monthly examination, she runs to ask the director what marks they have won; —
她会记住他们的名字好几年;每月考试日,她会跑去问主任他们考了多少分; —

she waits for them at the entrance, and makes them show her their compositions, in order that she may see what progress they have made; —
她会在入口处等他们,并要求他们展示写作,以便了解他们取得了什么进展; —

and many still come from the gymnasium to see her, who already wear long trousers and a watch. —
还有很多从中学过来看她的,他们已经穿上了长裤并戴着手表。 —

To-day she had come back in a great state of excitement, from the picture-gallery, whither she had taken her boys, just as she had conducted them all to a museum every Thursday in years gone by, and explained everything to them. —
今天她从美术馆回来时兴奋异常,她带着她的学生们去了那里,就像往年每周四都带他们去博物馆一样,并给他们解释一切。 —

The poor mistress has grown still thinner than of old. —
可怜的老师比以前还要瘦了。 —

But she is always brisk, and always becomes animated when she speaks of her school. —
但她总是活泼的,每当她提起她的学校时就变得兴奋起来。 —

She wanted to have a peep at the bed on which she had seen me lying very ill two years ago, and which is now occupied by my brother; —
她想偷看一眼两年前见过我生病的床,现在床上躺着我哥哥; —

she gazed at it for a while, and could not speak. —
她凝视了一会儿,说不出话来。 —

She was obliged to go away soon to visit a boy belonging to her class, the son of a saddler, who is ill with the measles; —
她很快就要离开去探望一个属于她班级的男孩,一个马具商的儿子,患上了麻疹; —

and she had besides[14] a package of sheets to correct, a whole evening’s work, and she has still a private lesson in arithmetic to give to the mistress of a shop before nightfall.

“Well, Enrico,” she said to me as she was going, “are you still fond of your schoolmistress, now that you solve difficult problems and write long compositions? —
“恩里科,”她对我说着,当她要走时,“现在你解决了难题,写了长篇作文,你还喜欢你的女教师吗?” —

” She kissed me, and called up once more from the foot of the stairs: —
她吻了我,又从楼梯脚下叫了一声: —

“You are not to forget me, you know, Enrico! —
“你不要忘记我,知道吗,恩里科!” —

” Oh, my kind teacher, never, never will I forget thee! —
“哦,我慈爱的老师,我永远不会忘记你! —

Even when I grow up I will remember thee and will go to seek thee among thy boys; —
即使我长大了,我也会记得你,并去找你在你的学生中; —

and every time that I pass near a school and hear the voice of a schoolmistress, I shall think that I hear thy voice, and I shall recall the two years that I passed in thy school, where I learned so many things, where I so often saw thee ill and weary, but always earnest, always indulgent, in despair when any one acquired a bad trick in the writing-fingers, trembling when the examiners interrogated us, happy when we made a good appearance, always kind and loving as a mother. —
每当我经过学校,听到女老师的声音,我会觉得听到了你的声音,我会回忆起在你的学校度过的两年,在那里学会了很多东西,在那里经常看到你病恹恹,但总是努力,总是宽容,当有人的写字手指出了毛病时表示绝望,当考官们质问我们时手发抖,当我们表现良好时高兴,总是像母亲一样慈爱。 —

Never, never shall I forget thee, my teacher!