Friday, 21st.

The year has begun with an accident. On my way to school this morning I was repeating to my father these words of our teacher, when we perceived that the street was full of people, who were pressing close to the door of the schoolhouse. —
新年以一起事故开始。今天早上在去学校的路上,我正对父亲重复我们老师的那些话,当我们注意到街上挤满了人,他们都挤在学校大门前。 —

Suddenly my father said: “An accident! —
突然,我父亲说:“出事故了! —

The year is beginning badly!”

We entered with great difficulty. The big hall was crowded with parents and children, whom the teachers had not succeeded in drawing off into the class-rooms, and all were turning towards the director’s room, and we heard the words, “Poor boy! Poor Robetti!”

Over their heads, at the end of the room, we could see the helmet of a policeman, and the bald head of the director; —
在人群头上,我们可以看到一位警察的头盔和校长的秃头; —

then a gentleman with a tall hat entered, and all said, “That is the doctor. —
然后一个戴高帽子的绅士进来,所有人说:“那是医生。 —

” My father inquired of a master, “What has happened? —
”我父亲问了一位老师:“发生了什么事? —

”—“A wheel has passed over his foot,” replied the latter. —
”—“一辆车的轮子碾过他的脚,”后者回答说。 —

“His foot has been crushed,” said another. —
“他的脚被压伤了,”另一个人说。 —

He was a boy belonging to the second class, who, on his way to school through the Via Dora Grossa, seeing a little child of the lowest class, who had run away from its mother, fall down in the middle of the street, a few paces from an omnibus which was bearing down upon it, had hastened boldly forward, caught up the child, and placed it in safety; —
他是二年级的一名男孩,去学校的路上穿过多拉格罗萨大街,看到一个来自最底层班级的小孩在街中央摔倒,距离正冲过来的公共汽车只有几步之遥,于是他大胆地冲过去,抱起那个孩子,把它安全放置; —

but, as he had not withdrawn his own foot quickly enough, the wheel of the omnibus had passed over it. —
但是,由于他没能迅速把自己的脚抽回去,公共汽车的轮子却压过了他的脚。 —

He is the son of a captain of artillery. —
他是一名炮兵上尉的儿子。 —

While we were being told this, a woman[6] entered the big hall, like a lunatic, and forced her way through the crowd: —
当我们听到这个情况时,一个女人像疯子一样闯入大厅,挤过人群: —

she was Robetti’s mother, who had been sent for. —
她就是罗贝蒂的母亲,被派来的。 —

Another woman hastened towards her, and flung her arms about her neck, with sobs: —
又有一位妇女朝她走去,紧紧搂住她的脖子,抽泣着: —

it was the mother of the baby who had been saved. —
他是那个被救下的宝宝的母亲。 —

Both flew into the room, and a desperate cry made itself heard: —
两个人冲进屋子,一个绝望的呼喊声响起: —

“Oh my Giulio! My child!”

At that moment a carriage stopped before the door, and a little later the director made his appearance, with the boy in his arms; —
此时一辆马车停在门前,随后导演出现了,手里抱着男孩; —

the latter leaned his head on his shoulder, with pallid face and closed eyes. —
男孩把头靠在他肩膀上,脸色苍白,双眼紧闭。 —

Every one stood very still; the sobs of the mother were audible. —
每个人都静静地站着,母亲的抽泣声可听到。 —

The director paused a moment, quite pale, and raised the boy up a little in his arms, in order to show him to the people. —
导演停顿了一下,脸色苍白,稍微把男孩抬起一点,以向人们展示。 —

And then the masters, mistresses, parents, and boys all murmured together: “Bravo, Robetti! —
那时老师、家长、男孩们都一起低声说着:“好样的,罗贝蒂! —

Bravo, poor child!” and they threw kisses to him; —
“干得好,可怜的孩子!”他们向他扔吻; —

the mistresses and boys who were near him kissed his hands and his arms. —
靠近他的老师和男孩们亲吻他的手和胳膊。 —

He opened his eyes and said, “My portfolio! —
他睁开眼睛说,“我的文件夹!” —

” The mother of the little boy whom he had saved showed it to him and said, amid her tears, “I will carry it for you, my dear little angel; —
他救过的那个小男孩的母亲给他看并说:“亲爱的小天使,我来替你拿着; —

I will carry it for you.” And in the meantime, the mother of the wounded boy smiled, as she covered her face with her hands. —
我来替你拿着。”与此同时,那个受伤男孩的母亲微笑着,用手掩面。 —

They went out, placed the lad comfortably in the carriage, and the carriage drove away. —
他们走出去,把男孩舒适地安置在马车里,马车驶走。 —

Then we all entered school in silence.