This book is specially dedicated to the boys of the elementary schools between the ages of nine and thirteen years, and might be entitled: —
这本书专门献给九到十三岁之间的小学男孩们,标题可能是: —

“The Story of a Scholastic Year written by a Pupil of the Third Class of an Italian Municipal School. —
“一个意大利市立学校第三班学生所写的一个学年故事。” —

” In saying written by a pupil of the third class, I do not mean to say that it was written by him exactly as it is printed. —
“说是由一个第三班学生所写,我并不是指他就像印刷出来的那样写下来的。 —

He noted day by day in a copy-book, as well as he knew how, what he had seen, felt, thought in the school and outside the school; —
他在一个复印薄上,尽他所能记下了他在学校和学校外所看到、感受到、思考到的一切; —

his father at the end of the year wrote these pages on those notes, taking care not to alter the thought, and preserving, when it was possible, the words of his son. —
他的父亲在年底把这些记事录写成了这些页,注意不要改变其中的思想,并在可能的情况下保留了他儿子的原话。 —

Four years later the boy, being then in the lyceum, read over the MSS. and added something of his own, drawing on his memories, still fresh, of persons and of things.

Now read this book, boys; I hope that you will be pleased with it, and that it may do you good.

Edmondo De Amicis.
Edmondo De Amicis.